Hurley Presents – Dead Country + Jimmy Eat World | Event Recap

By - August 21st, 2011

The subtle differences were there, just focus on the bass, but its there. Though both bands hailed from the newly designated Emo-Post Punk genre, Dead Country and Jimmy Eat World couldn’t be as different as, say, Nirvana and Pearl Jam at the height of Grunge. One was heavily in tune to a homogeneous bass with a heavy dose of dark emotion creep by. There was no hesitation with the other. From the start, it broadcasted its intent through rapid succession of guitar works. Dealt such vibe to the gathered audience that many audience members started to “body surf” through the crowd, to the displeasure of security. In the end however, the differences between both bands were not at all noticeable as fans hummed along happily after the Hurley sponsored concert ended.

Photography: Poe for Freshness