The New York Times – Catching The Waves In The Rockaways

By - August 21st, 2011

Upon the news of growing surf culture in New York City, a friend, a Big Apple transplant now living in California asked whether it was just a fad. It isn’t actually. For a number of years, a core group of New York City surfers have trekked out to Montauk, the most easterly tip of Long Island, for some gnarly hang time on some Atlantic Ocean waves. But more recently, city surfers have discovered (or re-discovered) a closer alternative in the form of Rockaway Beach. On the very southern portion of Queens, one of the 5 boroughs which make up New York City, The Rockaways, as the locals call it, is just a 30 to 45 minutes ride and a fare of $2.50 on the Subway. One can even catch a few early hour waves before heading to the office. In documenting this budding surf scene, photographer Dave Sanders and New York Times reporter Diane Cardwell created a photo slideshow of this most unlikely sport in this most unlikely (and uptight) of cities. So a new twist off an old Christmas folklore…”No Virginia, there is no Santa Claus. But there are surfers on the A Train”. via: NYTimes

Photography: Dave Sanders

Jaque Coozi
Jaque Coozi

Articles like this destroy NYC's true surf culture, and instead only provide a clear laden map for every schnook in Tribeca with a platinum card that 'feels like learning how to surf this summer.'