Nike Festival of Sport – 2011 DMC China Final

By - August 22nd, 2011

Nike Festival of Sport   2011 DMC China Final

Produced by: Dan Hwang
Written by: Poe

There were no amount of words to describe the pressures faced by all the DJs. If the usual turn out of fans weren’t enough. Mixed with the audience were skaters who just witnessed some of the world’s best skate demo by Team Nike. But each kept their cool and completed their routines in grand style. They had to because on the line is the 2011 DMC China Championship Title.

Knowing early on that music is an integral part of the creative process, Nike and its Nike SB branch have incorporated “audio signatures” to its design. More than just merely collabs, these inclusions were often cryptic till a true music fan came to decipher them. Another was through events, like the 2011 DMC China Final that took place in ‘ indoor skate park. With 800 people looked on, DJs from Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, even Tibet, spun on for the title. Just on the podium’s side aisle was a formidable of judges. They included the 2 times 2011 DMC China winner DJ HBD, the world famous DJ Uppercut of Japan, his fellow brethren DJ Sen, the local favorite DJ V-Nut, and finally, 4 time DMC World Team Champions, DJ Hi-C and DJ Yasa of the group Kireek. Things got fast and heavy right off the start. At times, it was difficult to pick a favorite. But in the end, there could only be one and that was DJ Mickey of Hong Kong. He’s followed by DJ Monk from Shanghai and Beijing’s DJ Jamming.

Nike Festival of Sport   2011 DMC China Final

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