Thrasher x Supreme – Hooded Coach Jacket + Hoodies

By - August 22nd, 2011

Lil’ Wayne‘s inadvertent face planting over the weekend highlighted 2 things. One, Lil’ Wayne one tough dude. Even with a head wound that needed 9 stitches, the man still signed off his Twitter with “Love The People”. Two, the man just made it on the Thrasher Magazine‘s honorable mention today, with much respect from the bible of skateboarding. Now if only Weezy can get this new Thrasher x Supreme collaboration as his red badge of courage. Consists of a Hooded Coach Jacket and Hoodie, each branded with Supreme logo and the familiar Thrasher pentagram insignia. The current bet around the office – the odds of Lil’ Wayne making it to next year’s Maloof Money Cup…. Hey, you never know!

Release Dates:

August 25th (Thursday) NY & LA
August 27th (Saturday) Japan
September 1st (Thursday) Online
September 22nd (Thursday) London