Jesse Chorng – The Syntheshredder: Music + Skate Bowl

By - August 29th, 2011

Jesse Chorng   The Syntheshredder: Music + Skate Bowl

Unconventional musical instruments are certainly not new, just check out Nike Sneaker Synthesizers by Japan’s HIFANA. Jesse Chorng‘s The Syntheshredder, however, maybe the first to incorporate an entire skate bowl. The UCLA graduate student devised a 20-foot in diameter skate bowl embedded with sensors right beneath the skate surfaces. This alteration will transforms any rider to be a potential musician as well every time he or she take a spin in the bowl. After the initial built, Chorng is at the final but crucial stage – the actual process of adding the necessary components for the bowl to become a full fledge musical instruments. And this is where you can help. By pledging $1 or more on The Syntheshredder’s KICKSTARTER page, you can assist Chorng in completing his project. Those pledging $15 or $25 will receive a FREE digital download of the resulting music mix from The Syntheshredder. $30 or more will get the first limited press of the music on a 12-inch vinyl. The fund raising period is due on Friday, September 9th. Visit KICKSTARTER page for more information.

Jesse Chorng   The Syntheshredder: Music + Skate Bowl

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