Bad Boy Records x Supreme “Ready To Die” Notorious B.I.G. T-Shirt | Detailed Look

By - September 1st, 2011

You can call this t-shirt anything else but “in remembrance” of Notorious B.I.G. More accurately, its a celebration of the achievements he made during his short life. Just imagine all the “what if” scenarios if Biggie Smalls was still alive today? Would’ve Smalls overtake Jay-Z as hip-hop’s elder statesman? Would’ve Bad Boy Records dominate the industry? Would’ve we wait for Air B.I.G. 2 instead of Air Yeezy 2? Questions of which we will never know the answers to.  One thing is certain, however, without Biggie’s contributions, hip-hop will certainly be very different than how it is today.  Bad Boy Records x Supreme Notorious B.I.G. T-Shirt with “Ready To Die” album art is now available through Supreme retail locations and online store.

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