Loopwheeler Osaka – Officially Opens

By - September 2nd, 2011

Loopwheeler Osaka   Officially Opens

After an assortment of previews and teases, the fabled Japanese label Loopwheeler finally opened its third retail location in Japan’s second largest city, Osaka. Situated at the city’s busy Central District (aka Chou Ward), the new storefront is in good company with the Marc Jacobs Osaka flagship just a few doors down. Like all other Loopwheeler flagships, the new Osaka location bears the signature of Wonderwall‘s Masamichi Katayama, a close friend of Loopwheeler proprietor Satoshi Suzuki.  While the store is no bigger than most walk-in closet in the U.S., the special designs and other unique offerings speak volumes for the fanciful retail space instead.  For duration of the next few weeks, expect more specialty items to be offer exclusively by the Osaka location.

Loopwheeler Osaka
4-12-23 Minamisenba | Map
Chuo-ku, Osaka Japan
TEL #: 06-6484-6708

Loopwheeler Osaka   Officially Opens