Lucasfilm Singapore – Sandcrawler Inspired Headquarters

By - September 5th, 2011

sandcrawler building 01

Proof that the Sandcrawler is not fit for just Jawa habitation: Lucasfilm is constructing its own Sandcrawler in Singapore, although it’s not made of rusting metal nor does it roll through desert landscapes on giant tank-like tracks. Instead, the polished glass and metal structure, centrally located in Fusionopolis, will house Lucasfilm Singapore, ILM Singapore and LucasArts Singapore. Designed by architectural firm Aedas, the complex will feature eight floors of office space, including a 100-seat movie theater, while the first floor will be occupied by retail stores. (Sadly, it’s doubtful any of them will have protocol droids for sale). In addition to the production facilities will be a public park area with elevated gardens, possibly rivaling the lushness of the Forest Moon of Endor. Construction is scheduled to finish in 2012. Check out a spate of artist renderings after the jump.

sandcrawler building 02

sandcrawler building 03

sandcrawler building 04

sandcrawler building 05

sandcrawler building 06

sandcrawler building 07

sandcrawler building 08

sandcrawler building 09


Why is everyone in the building white?


So that he can make history, silly.


Why did Lucas chose a crooked country with little filmmaking history for a base?