smart ForVision Concept – Electric Mobility Design Study

By - September 5th, 2011

smart ForVision Concept   Electric Mobility Design Study

In what it calls “holistic approach to electric mobility”, Mercedes-Benz‘s smart division designed the ForVision Concept as the centerpiece at this month’s Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung in Frankfurt, or better known as the Frankfurt Auto Show. Created in part with chemical producer BASF, the smart ForVision examines new boundaries in material science, insulation, and energy management. The most notable cue visually is the vehicle’s roof. In hexagon grids of various sizes, the roof is the first to be both transparent and a source of energy generation. Thanks to an organic dye process developed by BASF, a special solar array embedded to the roof is able to generate energy in any light conditions, all the while let in natural sun light in the process. Part of the electricity generated will go to an OLED ambient lighting system in the car’s interior, an added benefit. Thanks to innovations such as “e-textiles” seating, modified body panels on the car’s exteriors, and small turbine-like fans within the rear lights, drivers can customize temperature preferences inside the vehicle accordingly without the usage of air conditioning. But the most stand out design on the smart ForVision Concept is its wheels. For the first time ever, an all-plastic wheel will be made in high volume. The weight reduction measure is also a step forward to a car made completely from recycled materials in the near future.

smart ForVision Concept   Electric Mobility Design Study

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