Nike MAG 2011 (McFly) – Design Process with Tinker Hatfield | Event Recap

By - September 9th, 2011

There is a saying in the creative industry, that one should keep all of their works, including the failed ones, for future prosperity. It looks like Nike lead designer, Tinker Hatfield, took that advice to heart. Spread across a back-lit table, Hatfield, in his signature cerebral mannerism, explained away the design process for 2011 Nike MAG (or the Marty McFly shoe) in the volume of sketches and memos. The point of initiation was not in 2009, as many thought, during Nike patent filing for the Automatic Lacing System. Rather, it was in 1988,  a full years before the release of Back To The Future II.  In the many paper works Hatfield had with him, was a particular office memorandum, where Nike executive Pam McConnell stated a meeting with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment, director Robert Zemeckis, write Bob Gale, and other key players of the film.  Another Hatfield’s fond recollection was the power unit for the original movie prop.  The solution came as a bulge in Marty McFly’s back pocket, where lighting elements of the prop siphoned electricity from a battery pack.  One question many press outlet wondered about was the exclusion of Automatic Lacing System on the Air MAG 2011.  Despite the patent filing in 2009, technology for such feature, unlike batteries and lighting, was still not available. Or as Hatfield replied quite simply, “It’s not 2015, yet”.

Photography: Dan for Freshness