adidas Originals – Track Jacket Bad | Available Now

By - September 14th, 2011

A visage of those worn by rebels and outlaws alike, adidas Originals took semblances of the classic biker jacket and coalesced it with its sportswear heritage. The outcome was the Track Jacket Bad or adidas Club Jacket. In traditional adidas blue, the nylon varsity jacket features chenille lettering of the word “Blues” and the numeral “03” on front, like all other varsity jacket out there. The unique twist to its design is the series of colorful pins and buttons like those found its leather counterparts. Though not actual ones but facsimiles of them sublimated onto the nylon shell, each a mini time capsule in telling the history of adidas Originals. The jacket in now available at adidas Originals retailers around the world, including CALIROOTS of Stockholm.

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