Reebok Classics “Reethym Of Lite” Featuring Verbal | Behind The Scenes Look

By - September 15th, 2011

Reebok Classics  Reethym Of Lite Featuring Verbal | Behind The Scenes Look

Immediately after the July announcement of its Reethym Of Lite campaign with Swizz Beatz, Reebok Classics and its executive Markus Wonko started plans on the Asia Pacific leg of this global project. With the polymathic Japanese musician Verbal at the helm, this all important region will gets to see its very own interpretation of Reethym Of Lite tonight in Tokyo. Gathered his experiences from the ongoing energy conservation tasks in Japan soon after the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, Verbal thought of a near future proposition where “reediting” the cities will be the tasks at hand for a selected few. This sci-fi theme clip encompassed not only Verbal himself, but a number of talents from the region, including actress Kiko Mizuhara from the film adoption of Norwegian Wood and Daisuke Ueda, all donned with latest Reebok Lite packable apparel and footwear. Choreographed over a virtual soundstage, largely thanks to 3D mapping technology by SUPERBIEN, the creative team behind the film was a who’s who list of celebrated individuals – photographer Doi Koichiro, visual director Yoon, stylist Shun Watanabe, and make-up artist Moma. The soon to debut Reethym Of Lite campaign for Asia Pacific will mark the first of many to come between Verbal and Reebok Classics.

Reebok Classics  Reethym Of Lite Featuring Verbal | Behind The Scenes Look

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