Toyota – FT-HS Concept

By - September 20th, 2011

toyota ft hs concept 00 Toyota   FT HS Concept

Performance vehicle segment had been put on hold, while increase in electric vehicle development took over many auto manufacturers. However Toyota is embarking on a new direction by maintaining the essence of sports car at the same time being friendly to the environment. The hybrid V6 3.5L engine is scheduled to produces around 400 horsepower and 0 to 60 will be in the vicinity of 4 seconds. Two by two seating arrangement is similar to orthodox sports cars from Toyota and when the roof top is brought down, it turns into a two seater. Aggressive styling shows elements from the past sports car whilst giving an indication of Toyota’s future.

toyota ft hs concept 01 570x357 Toyota   FT HS Concept

toyota ft hs concept 03 570x427 Toyota   FT HS Concept

toyota ft hs concept 02 570x427 Toyota   FT HS Concept


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