Triple FAT Goose – Fall 2011 Collection Lookbook

By - September 20th, 2011

Triple FAT Goose‘s comforter-like warmth and austerely functional styling made it an instant favorite when it appeared onto the scene in 1987. This was especially apparent in the then fledgling hip-hop industry, where the goose down filled outerwear were more prevalent than entourages and suped-up cars. But like any fad or hype, the reign of the oversized puffer coats quickly ended. Then in 2008, the label launched its first collection after a 15 years hiatus. Though it retained the name, much of its former ambience was gone. Another unusual direction was the focus on not just outerwear but a complete collection. So instead of designs for the colder winter season, the new Triple FAT Goose will be stocked for all of the four seasons, like Fall 2011. Evidences of this new take are everywhere, from French Terry shirtings, cotton hoodies, to denim, even the occasional Triple FAT Goose outerwear. Indeed, this isn’t the Triple FAT Goose of the old but Triple FAT Goose of the now. All available now exclusively through the Triple FAT Goose online store.

rudy mckinney
rudy mckinney

This brand defines the true meaning of trend setting.....I'm even interested in modeling for this label.