Stussy Livin’ General Store Pop-Up Store | Sendagaya, Tokyo

By - September 21st, 2011

In one of our short excursion to Tokyo this month, we happened upon a shack-like structure beside the popular Tas Yard cafe space. The oddly placed complex was in fact a new retail location of Stussy albeit a temporary one. No bigger than most walk-in closets, Stussy quipped the Stussy Livin’ General Store Pop-Up Shop with enough specialty items to entice shoppers to this quiet stretch of Sendagaya. Like any general store of the old, offerings from socks, utensils, to duffel bags storage trunks, and occasional novelties,  all daily necessities for modern living. The space is set to open till next Thursday, September 29th.

Photography: Dan for Freshness

Stussy Livin’ General Store Pop-Up Store @ Tas Yard
101, 3-3-14 Sendagaya | Map
Shibuya, Tokyo Japan

Store Opening Date: Now – September 29th, 2011 (Thursday)