Tricker’s x nano universe Library Baroque Boots

By - September 21st, 2011

Here is another reason why finely dressed men should make a pilgrimage to Tokyo in their lifetimes – nano universe Library. As suggested by its name, the new concept store by Japanese retailer nano universe is in fact a purveyor of sorts, especially well crafted specialties such as Tricker’s footwear from England. As one of the first few collaborative projects, nano universe Library asked Tricker’s to created an exclusive boots for its particular clienteles. What came of it was the Tricker’s x nano universe Library Baroque Boots, a hand crafted lug sole boots with 4 distinctive, 2 in leather and 2 suede, panelings.  Hand welted and finished with baroque detailing in 2 varieties, the boots are available exclusively at nano universe Library retail locations and the nano universe ZOZOTOWN online shop.