Nike MAG 2011 – Hands On Look

By - September 26th, 2011

It wasn’t all too long ago that some of us joked about a future marred with complexities and technical attributes, that even sneakers will come with instructions. Well, that day is here. After rounds of bidding and re-bidding, Dan Hwang, co-founder/publisher of Freshness, finally secured a pair of the coveted 2011 Nike MAG. As intense as the gambit was on eBay, the process of waiting for the package was even more. Then it was here, oddly enough within an unmarked box with one hint only – a UPS sticker with the fictional California town of Hill Valley. A quick inspection revealed a Russian Nesting Doll packaging schematic, with one box within another and another. Finally, the now familiar yellow box, encapsulated within a layer of plastic sheeting. A quick flip of the magnetic enclosure and behold, the “greatest sneaker that was never made” was finally a reality…

Photography: Poe for Freshness

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So..... im quite upset that I didn't know about these shoes. And i DEFINITELY want a part. Ugh!!!!!!!! Smh, guess im s.o.l