Nike Air Yeezy 2 – Fake Versions Hit The Market

By - September 27th, 2011

Caveat emptor… With a multi-billion dollars market at stake, counterfeiters have been more blatant in their pursues of some quick bucks. Take the yet-to-be-launch Nike Air Yeezy 2, that even without an actual edition to work with, the well oiled forgery assembly line is pumping out dozens at a time. Thanks to this impressive corral by friends at Sneaker News, the obvious imperfections on these Air Yeezy 2 scream out fake. And where there is no factual design to base on, the criminal enterprises behind these comical renditions just improvise. So if you see a deal too good to be true, especially on the Air Yeezy 2, we will suggest that unless you’re Kanye West himself, just walk away from it.


You mean if you see a pair for less than $1000 and not sold out they are fakes