CLOT x Disney Man Is In The Forest – Taipei | Preview

By - September 30th, 2011

After its stops in Shanghai and Hong Kong, the CLOT x Disney retail concept known as Man Is In The Forest will be making its landfall in Taipei City tomorrow. Derived from a pivotal moment in Disney‘s animated classic Bambi, Man Is In The Forest is a distinctive take by CLOT‘s Edison Chen, Kevin Poon, along with Disney’s Ben Yue, of the intuitive relationship we have with Disney animations. A fact especially discernible within the many other creative types involved in this project, including X-Large, MEDICOM TOY, SSUR, PAM, Bounty Hunter, Vanquish, 84/74 Lab, and more… The temporary store front will be offering limited edition items from the said group of designers, plus others, at the trendy Xinyi District of Taipei City with Edison Chen presiding over the grand opening event. In the meantime, here is a glimpse of the retail space in the midst of preparation for the opening.

CLOT x Disney – Man Is In The Forest – Taipei

4F-10, No.12, Songshou Road | Map
Xinyi District, Taipei City Taiwan