Casio G-Shock October 2011 | New Releases

By - October 5th, 2011

Casio G Shock  October 2011 | New Releases

We will see two relatively different portions of the Casio G-Shock‘s product spectrum this month. First, its “the blast from the past” with the G-001 Series. A near identical replica of the original DW-001 from 1994, engineers at Casio added a substantial amount of upgrades to this “re-introduction model” 17 years later, including a 29 time zones – 48 cities world time function and an auto calendar up to the year 2099. Some features never need upgrade however, like G-Shock’s reliable resilient against impact and its water resistance capability up to 200 meters. Similar characteristics are also available in the G-8900 Series, but in a more familiar rugged appearance. One notable addition is the so-called “reverse LCD” display in providing visibility. All scheduled to launch in the coming weeks at Casio G-Shock retail points world wide.

Casio G Shock  October 2011 | New Releases

Casio G-Shock G-001-8CJF

Casio G-Shock G-001-2CJF

Casio G-Shock G-001-1CJF

Casio G-Shock GRX5600-GE-1JR

Casio G-Shock G-8900A-1JF

Casio G-Shock G-8900-1JF

Casio G-Shock G-8900A-7JF