Nike Running – Holiday 2011 Collection Lookbook

By - October 7th, 2011

Nike Running   Holiday 2011 Collection Lookbook

Is winter running a “liberation”? A feel of “exhilaration” as you duke it out with Mother Natural? Nike Running certainly thinks so. WIth provisions from its new Holiday 2011, the torturous conditions of winter running one have to dealt with will be in the past. Addressing the three challenges faced by avid winter runners – the cold, the shorten days, and the perceptions, the Nike Running design teams formulated an interchangeable system of tops, bottoms, footwear, and accessories for runners face one, two, or all the obstacles winter season throws at them. The weather forecasts might state otherwise, but for you, its “100% chance of a run” everyday, so “get outside and be part of it.”

Nike Running   Holiday 2011 Collection Lookbook

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Man, those masks look photoshopped. Really cool lookin'.