IPEVO – Typi Folio Case + Wireless Keyboard for Apple iPad 2

By - October 10th, 2011

IPEVO   Typi Folio Case + Wireless Keyboard for Apple iPad 2

It all started when industrial designers at http://ipevo.com” target=”_blank”>IPEVO realized the potential market for intuitively designed peripherals and communication devices for http://skype.com” target=”_blank”>Skype. Several Red Dot, iF, ID, and the occasional Engadget awards later, IPEVO is moving on to the next tech sensation, the Apple iPad, with its http://ipevo.com/typi” target=”_blank”>Typi Folio Case. A protective case not larger than a http://moleskineus.com” target=”_blank”>Moleskine Folio Notebook, IPEVO’s pragmatic design acts not only as a iPad stand but a wireless keyboard holder as well. If and when the keyboard becomes too cumbersome for a quick office pow-wow, simply remove it with convenience. The leather and suede case also include a cutout to accommodate http://apple.com/ipad” target=”_blank”>iPad 2‘s camera on its back. Select from black/brown and light brown/dark brown color schemes, both are available now at http://moleskineus.com” target=”_blank”>IPEVO online store.

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