Gourmet – The 21 + The 21 MP Horween | Available Now

By - October 14th, 2011

Just how much can you spruce-up the utilitarian appeal of the duck boots? Plenty actually, according to Gourmet and its two additions for Fall 2011,The 21 and The 21 MP with Horween Leather. The most noticeable alteration is the visible air unit mid-sole, though even the rubberized duck boot uppers have gone from sewn on to vulcanized. Then there is the leather, waxed one for The 21 and Chromexcel Leather by Horween on The 21 MP. Both also feature leather lining and memory foam footbed for good measure. The 21 and The 21 MP Horween are now available at select Gourmet retailers, including end clothing of England.

End Clothing
4-6 High Bridge | Map
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE1 1EN, England