Canon EOS-1D X – 14 Frames Per Second Is Blazingly Fast! | Video

By - October 19th, 2011

Beyond the incessant technical babbles, the 14 Frames Per Second feature on Canon’s EOS-1D X DSLR Camera seems a bit of “underwhelming”. After all, just fast can it be? It actually quite fast, very, very fast. But don’t take our words for it, just look at what technology blog Gizmodo listed its headline on the speed of EOS-1D X as “Holy Mother of God! The Canon EOS-1D X Is Fast!” Or better yet, see this video created by PetaPixel as they were fortunate enough to get their hands on one during a recent Canon demo event in New Zealand. By the way, those sounds are not machine gun fires… For the rest of us, we will have to wait till next March… via: PetaPixel

YouTube Preview Image


Is there any word on what the price will be?