Odd Future Coach Jacket

By - October 26th, 2011

Over the past year the kids of OFWGKTA have transcended the Internet margins of the popular music landscape and landed … well, not exactly in the center, but something approximating a speeding train headed toward the vicinity of the center. And though it’s up for debate whether that train has slowed down in recent months, or whether it reaches stations where the typical passenger is older than nineteen, the Odd Future crew is getting as much out of the ride as they can. Part of that journey includes a burgeoning line of Odd Future apparel, carried in reputable streetwear retailers on a global scale. The label’s new Coach Jacket, done up in an attractive shade of burgundy and bearing the customary Odd Future signifiers — 666 at the front, upside down cross on the back — should elicit various exclamations of “Swag!” from your friends while it keeps you warm during breezy evenings. The jacket is available now through the CONCEPTS webstore.

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