FAILE – New Mural On Houston Street + Bowery

By - October 27th, 2011

FAILE   New Mural On Houston Street + Bowery

Picking up where pop artist Kenny Scharf left off during December of last year, the collective known as FAILE takes over the infamous mural wall on Houston Street and Bowery of New York City. A careful composition of popular images and familiar lore, the duo first assembled a montage of visual references with some semblances of familiarity. Then tactfully applied to the blank wall with plenty of wheat paste and the mechanical dance of cherry picker. The mural is far from finish, however. Portions still need to be complete, if not by today then by tomorrow, with weather being the main factor. And to prevent it from suffering the same fate as Kenny Scharf’s creation, where graffiti artists painted over whimsical decor just days after completion. The mural’s managing gallery, The Hole NYC, has hired a security guard to watch over FAILE’s work on a 24-hour basis. But you certainly can still enjoy the work in person if you’re in the New York City area.

Photography: Poe for Freshness

East Houston Street & Bowery | Map
New York, NY

FAILE   New Mural On Houston Street + Bowery

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