Hurley x Life Without Andy – Tuesday With…Bryana

By - November 2nd, 2011

In a field crowded with pioneers like Mark “The Corbasnake” and Terry Richardson, party photo site Life Without Andy tried to differentiate itself among the pack. A relative new comer from Down Under, the Sydney-base outfit recently enlisted surf giant Hurley’s help in its weekly editorial spread titled “Tuesday With…” A pictorial that doubles as a portfolio for model Bryana, the warmly lighted backdrop serves a more sensual look rather than a mere one with scandalous undertone. Yet, there isn’t enough clothing for it to be a lookbook. So what your thoughts are on this?


for me.. Life Without Andy is the LMFAO of the photography industry. 2 trigger happy guys who got told - "Life is what you make it" and went for it. Not that that is a bad thing, but these guys are amateurs. Cliche creativity, more along the lines of mass produced quirkyness. This "look-book" is not a look-book, It's a set of photos by two guys who had their first idea and ran with it. It gives off the vibe of needing to be part of something, but they really need to reflect a little more on what they are doing if they want some real respect. They should look at what their counter-parts Hobo are doing, and make sure they don't replicate too much