Onitsuka Tiger Kamogutsu

By - November 2nd, 2011

Onitsuka Tiger created the Kamogutsu based on the shoes worn by players of the traditional Japanese game of Kemari. Kemari is a soccer-like team game, requiring players to compete for how many times a leather ball can be kicked up in the air. These sneakers are a refreshing offering from Onitsuka Tiger, as they are designed completely from scratch, combining traditional style with their shoe-making technology. Suede leather is used on the toe section, created out of one piece of leather to achieve a sleek form. From there on, the rest of the sneaker features contrasting ripstop material layered on top. Faux fur inner lining keeps the feet warm and two sets of shoe laces are packaged with this footwear. nano universe is currently taking pre-orders on their ZOZOTOWN online store.


wow! How much? and How (or in what web site) could I get it? Thanks!