Audi Urban Concept

By - November 4th, 2011

For those who think a Smart car is too opulent, Audi introduces its Urban Concept. Sort of a cross between a dune buggy and a soapbox racer that you’d see in the Yo Gabba Gabba! remake of The Road Warrior, the stripped down car is truly a work of function, not art. It has open wheels and an exposed suspension supporting a body built with aluminum and carbon fiber. The engine delivers 40 bhp and 71 lb-ft of torque, enabling the vehicle to achieve 40 mph in six seconds and a maximum speed of 60 mph. Its range is 30 miles on a full charge. After pushing the cabin back and sliding into the seat, the driver has to acquaint himself with just a handful of controls. A gear selector panel is operated by a single button, while a digital display shows speed, distance traveled, range and battery charge status. There are two air vents, and it probably doesn’t need mentioning but yes, there is no AC. For environmentally conscious urbanites who want a bare-bones means of conveyance and isn’t afraid to put their lives in the hands of passing SUV drivers, you’ll be interested to know that Audi is planning a limited volume production run of the vehicle. Click through to check out more images of the Audi Urban Concept, a car that looks like a lot of fun to drive in large, empty parking lots. via: CAR