UNDERCOVERISM – H4306-01 Pea Coat

By - November 7th, 2011

UNDERCOVERISM   H4306 01 Pea Coat

Jun Takahashi took the popular pea coat design and rearranged it with a twist. The H4306-01 Pea Coat by UNDERCOVERISM is a hybrid of the military-style jacket and leather jacket. The bottom quarter of the jacket is separated in a cow hide section, whilst the rest of the jacket is made from 100% wool material. Apart from the Gray/Black version, Camel and Black styles feature color-coded materials throughout. Two hand warmer pockets are located in the middle and two horizontal zipped pockets can be found near the waist. Quilted lining offers additional warmth and a large collar protects the wearer from cold winds. All of the jackets are in stock at UNDERCOVER dealers worldwide and on the UNDERCOVER online shop on ZOZOVILLA.

UNDERCOVERISM   H4306 01 Pea Coat

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