Beyond The Court

By - November 8th, 2011

Though a relative new sport in China, basketball’s simplicity as well as its accessibility in all environment types made it the chosen athletic activity for a generation of youth. Today, the sport with a 300 million fan base is more than just a form of exercise. Instead, its a medley of emotions and life philosophies. So too are those trusted steeds, basketball sneakers, which are now objects of desires. Both figuratively and literally, the book Beyond The Court looks at the new found relationship between people and the game of basketball in China. Written by the editors at SIZE MEDIA publication with assistance from Nike, the book shines light on history of basketball in China and abroad, the people who shaped the game in the past three decades, and the evolution of those all important basketball sneakers. Catch a rare glimpse of Tinker Hatfield, Mark Smith, LeBron James, Spike Lee, Dave White, along with Nike Blazer, Air Force 1, Nike Dunk and more in this hardcover bound 300+ page tome, certainly a worthy collectable for basketball fans in China.


Does anyone know where to get this book? How many were made?