Happy Holiday: Freshness x KANGOL Jacquard Reversible Knit Cap

By - November 10th, 2011

Happy Holiday: Freshness x KANGOL Jacquard Reversible Knit Cap

The holiday season is upon us again. As we have done in years past other years past, Freshness designed a special gift to thank our tireless staff, dear friends, and families. With the help of Kangol, for this year’s edition, we created the Freshness x KANGOL Jacquard Reversible Knit Cap. Similar to other collaborative projects, the final design took shape over the course of several meetings early in the year, though we knew from the start the design must be simple yet versatile. Headed by Freshness Co-Founder Dan Hwang and KANGOL’s Nic Harris and Jeff Chen, the year-long creative process

addressed specific design aspects. Because the cap is reversible with a plain pattern on one side and a Nordic print on the other, there is no hassle when it comes to accessorizing the multitude of winter outfits. Collaborations can be somewhat ostentatious at times, which is why we concocted the special pattern with a seemingly normal motif. Upon closer inspection, our Tree Logo emerges while not demanding too much branding attention. An additional design innovation is a Pom-Pom which the wearer can removable, allowing the wearer even more flexibility in how to wear it.

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