Nike Stadium – Destroyer Crew Edition PT II by Toykio Design

By - November 11th, 2011

Toykio was among the selected few creatives to design the Nike Sportswear Destroyer Crew Edition Jackets following fellow Germans LookyLooky, Keinemusik and Beastin. In designing the custom jacket, Selim Valor looked for inspiration from his amassed toy collection, the biggest toy collection in Europe in fact. Valor locked down a few designers/artists to prepare an original insignia to be placed on the all-black jacket. Designs paying homage to Fortuna Düsseldorf (his local soccer team), Number 7 and art works by Stefan Strumbel and Flying Fortress adorn the varsity jacket. The project was also helped out by Huy Dieu, who is a Toykio member and founder of DRMTM. Toykio has also made an easy-to-understand video explaining various elements of the designs on the jacket.


this is a dope destroyer jacket. now if i want to get mine done and they don't wanna put whatever i want imma get heated because the "F" word is on this guy's. wtf