Daily Archives: November 14, 2011


Deluxe – Tank Wind Breaker Jacket

Deluxe may not be pushing the boundaries of men’s fashion, but they aim to design timeless styles that do not get swayed by trends. This Tank Wind Breaker Jacket is a great example of their concept, with an outer shell made from treated cotton fabric. Its exterior … READ MORE


Nitraid – Pea Coat

Despite all of the modern tech jackets available on the market, the navy pea coat is a classic design that never seems to phase out. Its functional design is key to its popularity, and this is Nitraid‘s take on the military favorite. A traditional silhouette is retained … READ MORE


MASH – MP3 Loudspeaker | Video

One of the most important aspects of exercise is the mood of the athlete who is training. Music is usually attributed to keeping a constant tempo, and it aids in overcoming barriers. MASH knows a thing or two about overcoming barriers, as the team is known to … READ MORE


Reebok Kamikaze III Mid – December 2011 Releases | Pre-Order

Released for select retailers around the world, the new colorways of the Reebok Kamikaze III Mid will be hitting stores on December 1st. Two new color schemes will launch in Gray/Black/White and Navy/Blue/Red/White colorways, made up of a wide range of materials. The mid-cut sneaker boasts synthetic … READ MORE


Burtongirls.com Launch

There are plenty of female snowboarders shredding the slopes around the globe, and Burton is dedicating a special section of their vast website just for the ladies. A new URL, Burtongirls.com, will now feature women’s products from Burton. The easy-to-navigate website showcases the latest in hardware such … READ MORE