Land Rover – DC100 Sport Concept | “Drop-Top Fun Under The California Sun”

By - November 16th, 2011

Conquer the open terrain with this latest concept from Land Rover. Introducing the DC100 Sport Concept, the purported replacement to the iconic Land Rover Defender. Similar to its predecessor, the DC100 Sport Concept features the rugged, go anywhere attitude in its design. Capable of handling all types of terrain with its 20-inch alloy wheels and rugged Coopers tires for off-road. The wide and high stance of its chassis allows more enough clearance in any situation. Just in case, a new Terrain-i system recreates a topography map of the road ahead and display it in 3-D form. And if the dirt beneath give way to a raging river, the new Land Rover Wade Aid system will measure the water depth via sonar, and adjust vehicle height accordingly. An open top concept perfect for California sun, the Land Rover DC100 Sport Concept makes its debut this week at the L.A. Auto Show.