Stussy Fall 2011 – Surplus Collection | Available Now

By - November 18th, 2011

With the brutality of last winter still fresh in our memories, Stussy is not letting anything to chance this time around. As part of its Fall 2011 line-up, the icon street fashion brand is introducing the Surplus Collection. Indicative of its military origin, the Surplus Collection offers clothing muster to the harshness of winter. Down insulated vests and plaid flannel lined shirts, you can never be “too prepared” for winter. For a hint of added protection in the urban landscape, Stussy emblazoned its one of the kind camouflage onto some of the outwear. Because you never know what lays ahead. The Stussy Surplus Collection for Fall 2011 is now available at select Stussy chapters and it online store.

Stussy Fall 2011 – Surplus Collection – Field Jacket

Stussy Fall 2011 – Surplus Collection – Scout Vest