McLaren Production Centre – An Inside Look

By - November 20th, 2011

mclaren production centre sm

Well lighted, orderly and clean, McLaren‘s new factory in Woking, U.K., is precisely what you’d expect from the Formula One automaker, though the just opened McLaren Production Centre is a 34,500 square meter facility that will allow for the mass production of an upcoming street legal model, the MP4-12C, in addition to its motor sport vehicles. Like the nearby McLaren Technology Centre, the two-story production center was designed by London based architectural firm Foster + Partners. Consequently, both structures are connected by similar design motifs — as well as an underground walkway — featuring the same circular glass entranceways and similar building materials. The factory is built into the sloping landscape, so as to mitigate its presence in the undeveloped environment. The lower level is entirely belowground, making the building nearly invisible from afar. Inside, there’s plenty of open space, with manufacturing facilities that form a production line encompassing every stage of the vehicle’s build. At peak performance, factory workers will complete an MP4-12C vehicle in five days, and begin work on a new car every 45 minutes. Finally, the McLaren Production Centre is eco-friendly, with a low-energy ventilation system and roof designed for rainwater collection, as well as future solar panel installation. via: ArchDaily

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Its looks alright but it kind of resembles a Ferrari to me.


I think you mean "well lit" not well lighted....apart form that very interesting!