Marvel’s Captain America Vehicles | By Daniel Simon

By - November 22nd, 2011

Marvels Captain America Vehicles | By Daniel Simon
Marvel’s Captain America has been available on DVD for several weeks now – more than enough time to scrutinize and pick apart every aspect of the movie’s production. One thing that fans of the genre are sure to be paying attention to are the vehicles – submarines, aircraft, motorcycles, and the piece de resistance, the sinuous Hydra Schmidt Coupé. The movie’s setting in a fantastical 1940’s-inspired world – combined with freedom from the constraints of technological reality – gave a special elegance to the machinery used by both the heros and villains. And Marvel picked quite an expert to ensure that these vehicle designs were incredibly imaginative and sexy – German-born designer Daniel Simon. Fresh off making a major cinematic impression with vehicle designs for TRON: Legacy, Simon worked with Marvel to design vehicles that were utterly true to the WWII-era aesthetic, while being fantastic and sleek enough to have a thoroughly contemporary impact. The pieces worked amazingly well in the film, by setting the scene and for lending themselves to bombastic action sequences. But they are also nothing less than masterpieces of industrial design – not surprising, given Simon’s past work, including stints directing design for Lamborghini, Bugatti, VW/Audi, F1 Racing, and a slate of film work. The full gallery of vehicles – along with a Simon’s concept sketches and some stills – is after the jump; a great extra for fans of the film, and a great collection of work for design fans.

Marvels Captain America Vehicles | By Daniel Simon

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