RE-Fresh: Nike Air Tech Challenge II (1990)

By - November 24th, 2011

Many sneaker collectors enjoy amassing as many of the Agassi-worn models as they can grasp, which is no easy task since so few have been re-released. Looking at collections of Agassi kicks posted on NikeTalk, the sneakers remind those of us old enough to remember about the pop that was so characteristic of the era. Agassi brought cutting edge aesthetics to a sport that embraced tradition. He brought a fresh approach to the sport by toppling the best players in the game and by influencing the sneaker market with his clothes and kicks.

Original 1990 deadstock Nike Air Tech Challenge II
Thanks to Mike Packer of Packer Shoes.


Shame they messed up the shape of the toe box so badly on the retro, as it ended up looking like a bottle nosed dolphin. The OG was a great shoe! Total classic.