Toyota GT 86 – Officially Unveiled | Video

By - November 28th, 2011

Toyota GT 86   Officially Unveiled | Video

The theme of this year’s Tokyo Motor Show might be a futuristic one. But for auto giant Toyota, it will be a revisit to its past in the form of GT 86. Originally known as the FT-86 Concept, Toyota officially announced the induction of GT 86, the marquee’s first new 2-door sports coupe aside from its tired Celica edition. Powertrain will be a front mounted 2.0-liter flat-four engine with D-4S injection co-developed with Subaru. This enable the new coupe to produce up to 197-horsepower though at no cost to fuel efficiency. With much emphasis on the new model, there is also a sense retrospective on Toyota’s racing heritage, especially that of the Corolla GT AE86. Also known as the Levin AE86, the rugged compact car from 1986 became one of the most recognized silhouette a decade later through the pages of Initial D, a manga series about the perils of illegal drift and street racing in Japan by Shuichi Shigeno. The Toyota GT 86 will make its debut on November 30th at Tokyo Motor Show and set for a release date of June 2012 at selected markets around the globe.

Toyota GT 86   Officially Unveiled | Video


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