BOYLSTON TRADING COMPANY x adidas Originals Forum Crest Hi

By - November 29th, 2011

adidas forum crest hi 01

The way Frank the Butcher tells it, the Forum Crest Hi from adidas was a shoe that immediately caught his eye when he saw them being worn by hustlers from around the block. Young and impressionable, Frank didn’t see the embroidered gold crest as a decorative element on a pair of high-top kicks — he saw luxury and refinement, a glimpse into a better life. Twenty years later, when he traveled to the North American headquarters of adidas to begin work on a collaborative sneaker, he naturally pitched the Forum Crest Hi. The result is the resurrection of a long-lost shoe in three tonal colorways — Cardinal, Lead and Black — in buttery suede and featuring that signifier of elevated status, the embroidered crest. Available soon, with the black colorway exclusive to Boylston Trading Co. Click through for more looks.

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This shoe and the inspiration behind it are amazing. The photo's are dope. Almost looks like they were shot on film.


How much does Karmaloop pay you to post this garbage? Is this the only bullshit shoe they would let talentless Frank Rivera color?