The Impossible Project x colette – SX70 Polaroid Camera

By - November 29th, 2011

When the world went digital, many of the analogue technologies died with it. One brand that faced extinction was Polaroid, yet the brand was brought back to life by a group of dedicated Polaroid fans, called The Impossible Project. The aptly-named group’s goal seemed almost impossible to achieve; however, Polaroid is definitely making a comeback in a big way. The Impossible Project has gotten together with colette for these limited edition SX70 Polaroid cameras. Trademark blue polka dots can be found on the top of the camera, while the rest of the body remains silver and black. Coinciding with the launch on Thursday, December 5th, colette will host a Polaroid exhibition showing photos taken by Mark Borthwick, Lisa Eisner, Vava Ribeiro, Ed Templeton, Todd Selby, Matt Jones, Olivier Zahm and Terry Richardson.

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