RE-Fresh: Nike Air Raid 2 (1993)

By - November 30th, 2011

The first Air Raid was designed in 1992 by Tinker Hatfield whose resume includes most of the Air Jordan line and last segment’s model, the Air Tech Challenge II. Apparently, Phil Knight left a Post-It note on Tinker’s desk asking for a streetball shoe, so Tinker crafted the Air Raid, which had crossed straps that dominated the upper. To get the specifications and materials perfect, Tinker reportedly hit the streets himself, asking New York City ballers what the indoor models lacked for performance on the streets. Many had complained that many current Nike models wouldn’t stand up to the grind of the asphalt. Tinker hit the drawing board and crafted a more durable outsole with the phrase “For Outdoor Use Only” etched into the design. Before it was known as the “Air Raid,” Tinker had apparently used the working name of the “Air Jack,” which was supposed to be short for Air Jackhammer. Tinker had not considered the urban term for “jacking,” or robbing, so considering Nike’s vulnerability following the article, the shoe was dubbed the Air Raid.


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