Sneakermuseum Cologne – A Retrospective of Stussy Shoe Collaborations 1980-2011 | Video

By - December 1st, 2011

It is plain to see that Stussy not only had a tremendous effect on streetwear culture but their footwear collaborations are on a whole different level compared to many streetwear brands out there. Sneakermuseum in Cologne is celebrating the Stussy‘s long list of collaborations by setting up A Retrospective of Stussy Shoe Collaborations 1980 – 2011 exhibition. The amazing works included in the exhibit consist of Nike, Vans, adidas, Dr. Martens, Keds and Be Posistive and they threw in some limited edition apparel and toys in the display as well. A video preview gives a glimpse of the footwear on display and photos of the extensive collection can be seen after the jump.

Jülicher Straße 14 | Map
Köln, 50647

YouTube Preview Image