Subaru Advanced Tourer Concept

By - December 1st, 2011

subaru advanced tourer 01

Debuting at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Subaru Advanced Tourer Concept is described by the automaker as a “new-generation sports wagon,” and it certainly looks like no other wagon Subaru has ever produced. Aggressive, sleek lines are complemented by Lamborghini-style front doors and rear suicide doors. An innovative hybrid driveline connects an electric motor with a new turbocharged 1.6-liter direct-injection four-cylinder boxer engine. The all-wheel drive vehicle features Subaru’s new Lineartronic continuously variable transmission, which the company characterizes as the first longitudinally mounted chain-drive CVT to be used in mass-produced AWD passenger cars. As for the interior, warm wood components are accented with sleek steel at the center console and pedals, and a panoramic glass roof provides a spacious feel. Finally, a monitor mounted onto the steering wheel can be used to bring up maps or Internet services. Check out more looks after the click.

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