(PRODUCT) RED x Nanda Home – Clocky Alarm Clock On Wheels

By - December 2nd, 2011

When it comes to “near-death” experiences with Clocky Alarm Clock On Wheels from Nanda Home, we heard just about every one of them. Whether its “falling out of bed”, “stepping on my child’s favorite LEGO set”, to the once in the while “tripping over the poor cat and landing on my sleeping dog again”, the brilliant invention by M.I.T. student Gauri Nanda truly works. Now there’s more incentive to purchase the annoying novelty alarm clock. When you purchase a (PRODUCT) RED x Nanda Home – Clocky Alarm (or its bird-like counterpart Tocky), 5% of the sale proceed goes to (JOIN) RED and The Global Fund, the charity initiative to fight AIDS in Africa. So while you might have more “horror stories” from your daily morning chase of Clocky around your bedroom. Just know that its all for a great cause.

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