Kuntzel + Deygas – MinuSkull Amplified Mini Speakers

By - December 6th, 2011

Product design should never be so serious and the designers Olivier Kuntzel and Florence Olivier, aka Kuntzel + Deygas, have come up with an interesting audio speaker, the MinuSkull. Don’t let the playful appearance fool you, these speakers mean business and they are able to deliver sounds, while being ornamental like a piece of art or sculpture in a room. The speakers are handmade in France and features two broadband Fostex Fe-83 speakers on its eyes. Underneath, a mini subwoofer is hidden and delivers the bass through a tailor-made Mosfet amplifier. This speaker can be used as a stand alone speaker or matched up to numerous speakers for a home cinema sound system, in which case you would need an extra subwoofer.