Cédric Delsaux: Dark Lens | Photography Inspired By Star Wars

By - December 13th, 2011

Cédric Delsaux: Dark Lens | Photography Inspired By Star Wars

Photographer Cedric Delsaux will be the first to tell you the original intent of his series, Dark Lens, was not Star Wars related. Instead, it was a bare exhibition of our modern world, from the rise of skyscrapers to the decay of urban fringe. But things were amiss when Delsaux finished his grand surveys of urban landscapes. They were monotonous, simply too plain and normal. This was when the photographer, with help from Pierrick Gueneugue, added notable characters and scenes from the Star Wars series of films. Suddenly, Delsaux’s images came to life and became conduits of two universes – one real and one pure imaginary.

Compiled by French publisher Editions Xavier Barral with introduction by the ultimate Star Wars’ fan himself, George Lucas, the 118 pages Cédric Delsaux: Dark Lens is now available at ARTBOOK | D.A.P. online store.

Cédric Delsaux: Dark Lens | Photography Inspired By Star Wars

George Lucas’ Introduction:

“Over the years, many artists have interpreted Star Wars in ways that extend well beyond anything we saw in the films. One of the most unique and intriguing interpretations that I have seen is in the work of Cédric Delsaux, who has cleverly integrated Star Wars characters and vehicles into stark urban, industrial—but unmistakably earthbound environments. As novel and disruptive as his images are, they are also completely possible. I am honored that Cédric Delsaux has brought Star Wars into the world of his photography, and happy that his exceptional work can be presented in this book.”

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