Yamaha VMAX Hyper Modified – By Ludovic Lazareth | Video

By - December 14th, 2011

Given what seems to be an impossible task, French customizers Ludovic Lazareth, along with his American counterpart Roland Sands and the German-base Marcus Walz, took up the difficult challenge of altering the Yamaha VMAX, perhaps the best known street fighter motorbike. Perhaps in honoring the futuristic design sensibility when the VMAX first arrived in 1985, Lazareth created a silhouette much in-line with a jet fighter. With angular additions, most notably the air intakes and exhausts, the French designer also dropped down VMAX’s front portion to give it a streamlined form. (Kind of similar to 80’s anime classic Genesis Climber MOSPEADA) Because of its 175-horsepower, liquid-cooled V4 powerplant is at the heart of VMAX designation, Lazareth decided not to alter it instead. Unveiled at last month’s EICMA, the VMAX Hyper Modified Project By Ludovic Lazareth will most likely make its way to motorcycle show near you next year.

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Salut Sergio,

Les Vmax de Ludovic sont bien à vendre, mais sauf erreur, elles doivent être toutes vendues.

Cependant, je pense qu'il est toujours possible d'en commander une.

Selon la préparation, le prix est d'unirons 30 000 à 35 000 Euros.

Je te présente ma Vmax Hyper Modified, que j'ai encore amélioré, notamment les carter aluminium transparents, et la peinture générale. 



I would like to know if this bike is for sale? And how much.

my email is sousa.sergio@gmail.com


I would like to know who i can contact regarding this bike. Would it be possible to have one built personally, and if so what would be the cost? I am in NSW Australia Regards Galeto