KANGOL – Dragon Year Pack

By - December 27th, 2011

KANGOL   Dragon Year Pack

Within the mythology of the West, dragons are mystical creatures unlike any other living beasts according to ancient Chinese lore. A symbol of fortune, power, and Imperial lineage, its also known that those born in the Year of the Dragon will prosper later in the life. Hence, the special awareness paid upon 2012, a dragon year on Chinese horoscope. In commemoration of the momentous occasion, KANGOL created its Dragon Year Pack, a collection featuring knitting details inspired by ancient Chinese graphics and the enigmatic animals themselves. Each hat will have four patterns, the first being in the form of circular beads, symbolic of nobility. Next is a repetitive jacquard graphic based on the Chinese word for “dragon”. The third pattern is expressive of waves and clouds, symbolising heaven and earth. And finally there is the fourth pattern, with dragons for prosperity and luck. In Red or Navy colorways, each hat is made from acrylic materials, refined to be cashmere-like. And like the Freshness x KANGOL Jacquard Knit Cap, both are fully reversible, with the complex jacquard pattern on one side and plain on the other. Both will be available with a red satin tote imprinted with custom dragon print and sticker in the shape of Spring Festival couplets. For sale as a limited edition through select KANGOL retail locations around the globe. (see stock list after the click)

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KANGOL   Dragon Year Pack

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